What Can Your Franchise Learn from the Chipotle Food-Scare?

Chipotle’s ambitious “Food With Integrity” marketing campaign that boasts of “Responsibly Raisedâ„¢” meats and “vegetables grown in healthy soil” has run into the bleak reality of ensuring the safety of the food supply chain.

“Sourcing ingredients from many different small local sources is a compliance nightmare, as far as food safety is concerned, due to some serious diseconomies of scale.”

“Instead of dealing with one firm, dealing with a hundred firms does increase risk,” John Gray, an associate professor of operations at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, told CNBC.

How do franchisors create standards and compliance procedures to ensure that they don’t become the next Chipotle?

We have 3 excellent speakers for our next roundtable on this important and timely issue.

Michael A. Berger.png

Michael A. Berger, Founding Partner and VP of Supply Chain at Elevation Franchise Ventures, LLC. Michael has led the company’s growth from a single restaurant to a chain of 60 restaurants in 7 countries and an organization of 20+ staff members

Philippe Bind.jpgPhilippe Bind, is the Sales Manager & Executive Chef at Performance Foodservice, and a Spokesperson for Chicago Steak Company. Chicago Steak Company is a premier provider of gourmet dry aged beef, USDA Prime steaks, seafood and desserts.

Chris Kermode.png

Chris Kermode is the Senior Director of Supply Chain at the Matchbox Foodgroup.

Chris manages the supply chain and purchasing functions for a number of restaurants that offer the best in casual American fare.

warren lewis.jpgWarren Lee Lewis, Moderator, is a partner at Akerman, LLP.

Time: Tuesday, March 15th from 11:45 – 2pm

Columbia Country Club, 7900 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, MD

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