What was the Best sales/marketing technology that Your Franchise Company never used?

Let me tell you a, mostly true, story.

Our sales department was overworked, or at least they seemed to be very busy.  I was the sales manager and had a team of 5 reporting to me.


A vendor approached us with a new sales product & I worked very hard with them to customize into a Better Sales Process.  We sold more franchises, and needed to buy less leads.


But, our CEO hated the it — she/he thought if we just bought more leads, we would sell more because franchising was a numbers games.  I left soon after.


One of the sales team was promoted to my job.  He immediately  “reassigned” some of the sales team — the people who wouldn’t use the the Better Sales Process.  He too was very successful and the system had its biggest Item 20 jump in years.  But, no good idea goes unpunished, and he couldn’t beat the CEO’s mantra of “it’s a number game.”  He too left.


The best technology we never used: a Better Sales Process that just worked, but needed fewer leads.  So, it was canned.