What’s New in Franchises Sales Processes?

Your Franchise Sales Process, “FSP”, dates back to the early 1990’s — especially if you are awarding franchises instead selling a franchise.

In the early 1990’s, we had:

  1. Land lines for phones. “Smart” phones had an answering machine, but most people answered their calls.
  2. You used a fax to send a written document.
  3. Email was restricted to people who had University accounts.
  4. People read newspapers, looked for jobs and new businesses in the classifieds of the newspapers.

Prospects who inquired about your franchise were easy to get a hold of.

Now, almost 30 years later, we have:

  1. Cell phones which automatically block many callers and send them to voice mail.
  2. Faxes are obsolete, unless you are working in a hospital.
  3. Spam filters at the ISP level and local mailbox level prevent most unsolicited email from reaching your target.
  4. The reach of newspapers has been severely curtailed.

Prospects who inquire about your franchise are very hard to get a hold of — if you are just using 1990 technology.

So, how does your FSP need to adapt?  Here are new better practices you want to be adopting.

  1.  What are new methods of lead generation?
  2. Why are portals increasingly expensive and ineffective?
  3. What can your franchise sales team do to get more scheduled calls from prospects?
  4. Why your prospects won’t fill out your online application.
  5. Can your FSP be automated?  Will it help?


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